EDY SUGITO - Head of Audit Committee

Born in Semarang in 1964. He obtained his Bachelor degree in Accounting from Trisakti University Jakarta in 1991. He was appointed as Independent Commissioner in 2014 by deed of circular statement decision of the shareholders in replacement of the General Meeting of Shareholders No. 14 on August 19th, 2014.

In addition, he also currently serves as an Independent Commissioner at several public companies, including PT Wismilak Inti Makmur Tbk (2012-present), PT PP London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk (2012-present), PT Astra Otoparts Tbk (2012-present), PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk (2012-present), PT Trimegah Securities Tbk (2012-present), PT Hero Supermarket Tbk (2012-present) and President Commissioner of PT Gayatri Kapital Indonesia (2012-present).

He previously served as Director of Listing of Indonesia Stock Exchange (2005-2012), Director of PT Kliring Penjamin Efek Indonesia (2002-2005), Director of PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (1998-2000), Head of Operations-Associate Director of PT Bahana Securities (1997-1998), Operation Manager of PT ABN Amro Asia Securities Indonesia (1994-1997), Finance & Administration Manager of PT KOLL
IPAC-Property Consultant & Management (1993-1994), Corporate Accounting Manager Barito Pacific Grup-Non Timber Division (1991-1993), Senior Auditor of Arthur Andersen (Drs. Prasetio, Utomo & Co.) (1989- 1991), Auditor of Ernst & Whinney (Drs. Johan, Malonda & Co.) (1987-1988). Mr. Edy Sugito has no affiliation with the Board of Commissioners, the Board of Directors and the shareholders of the Company.


He is Indonesian citizen, and he is 58 years old.

He has been serving as a member of the Company's Audit Committee since 2014. In addition, he also serves as Audit Committee of PT Wismilak Inti Makmur Tbk (2013-present), Audit Committee of PT. Lippo Karawaci Tbk (2013-present), Audit Committee of PT Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate Tbk (November 2012- present), Audit Committee of PT Supra Boga Lestari Tbk (November 2012-present), Independent Commissioner of PT Lippo Securities Tbk (2013-present), Independent Commissioner of PT Sarana Meditama Metropolitan Tbk (November 2012-present).

She is Indonesian citizen and she is 38 years old.

She has been serving as a member of the Company's Audit Committee since 2014. In addition, she is currently as a partner of Auditor Independent Consultant (2013-present) and previously served as Audit Manager of Morison International (2010-2013), Finance Manager of Lutheran World Relief (January 2006-April 2009), Senior Auditor in Ernst & Young (August 1999-January 2006).


PAULA MARLINA - Corporate Secretary

Born in Medan in 1976. She obtained her Master degree in Accounting/MBA from Northeastern University in the United States in 1999 and Business Administration degree from the University of Oregon in the United States in 1997. She was appointed as a Director of the Company in 2013 based on Deed Resolution No. 122 on August 30th, 2013.

In addition, she also serves as Director of Success Marlina Pte. Ltd. (2013-present), Director of Success International Marine Pte. Ltd. (2013-present), Chief Finance Officer of PT Sukses Osean Khatulistiwa Line (2005-present). She was appointed as the Corporate Secretary in 2014 based on Appointment Letter No. 11/SL/LGL/VIII/2014 dated 21st August 2014.

Previously she served as General Manager of PT Sumaputera Anindya (2003-2005), Senior Tax Consultant at KPMG (2000-2003), Internship at the Novotel Hotel Soechi Medan (1999-2000), Deloitte (1999), and Accounting Ramada Inn (1997-1998).